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Mar 25, 2013 12:00am EDT
issue of fairness. that is why it should be put right. >> unlike the honorable member paul shipley, i am very proud of our coalition for sticking to the 0.7% target. [shouting] >> the honorable ladies question must be heard. people should not year before they ar heard. >> later on this month the prime minister goes on to cochair the high-level panel on development goals. will he use his leadership to press for a standalone goal on a gender equality and women's empowerment? >> i will look very carefully at what the honorable lady says --ut the importance of just gender equality in terms of new millennium development goals. the point i would make to anyone who raises the issue about our commitment -- i do not think we should break our promises to the poorest people in the world. when you think about it, our key goal ought to be to eradicate the extreme poverty people sometimes still face, living on less than 1.25 a day. that is what we are talking about. we should be proud we are keeping our promises. >> after money savings hit on budget day and in line with what the education secretary on
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1